Used Citroen DS3 Buyers Guide

The Citroen DS3 is a supermini car that was first produced in 2009. Buyers interested in picking up a used DS3 will find that there is a very wide choice of models out there for them to look at. The reasons that this is the case is because Citroen placed a big emphasis on personalization for this car, offering buyers the opportunity to mix and match a range of different roof colours, decals and other styling elements. During the 2011 revamp of the Citroen DS3 the firm also introduced a new decorative sticker theme for the roof. With all of these different options you will probably find that every used car you look at is slightly different from the others. That can make shopping for a used Citroen DS3 a fun experience, and if you happen to find a seller with similar taste to your own it also means that you could pick up a car that really reflects your personality. On the other hand if you are interested in this particular car because you saw one that took your fancy in the past, you may well find it next to impossible to find the exact same model with the same colour scheme available on the used car market.

Because the DS3 has only been in production for a few years it is difficult to know how reliable these cars will be in the long term or what common problems to look out for.  Citroen do not have a good reputation for reliability, which may put off some used car buyers, but the firm has been trying hard to improve performance in this area and there are good signs that this car a higher build quality that previous offerings from the French firm, and therefore will not suffer from so many problems as it ages.