One of the biggest benefits of buying a Citroen DS3 over similar stylish small cars like the Fiat 500 or the Mini is that Citroen do have an extensive network of dealers across the UK.  This means that there are plenty of dealers that can help with the purchase of a new DS3, but it also makes the maintenance and servicing of the car much easier during the warranty period and beyond.  Dealer serviced cars will often achieve a higher selling price beyond those that have been looked after independently, which is particularly important because of the reputation of Citroen cars for depreciation.

The most important role that the Citroen dealers play is that it makes finding out more about the car easy and accessible, and allow people to browse the different models and specifications of the DS3.  As well as giving people a chance to see the car, a test drive can also be arranged with the local dealer to allow people to explore the excellent engines on offer in the DS3.  The dealers can also look to tailor the DS3 to suit your individual preferences, and it is well known that the DS3 is one of the most customizable mass market cars that are currently available.

For the majority of new car buyers, the Citroen dealers will also play a very important part in the purchase of the DS3, and will help to facilitate the delivery of a shiny new car.  The dealers will also be able to negotiate special deals for customers on a new DS3, and whether people are buying on credit or as cash buyers, Citroen is well known for having dealers with flexibility when it comes to striking a deal.  The popularity of the DS3 has been growing since its launch, and the dealers are a good place to start for those looking for a stylish new small hatchback.