The Citroen Berlingo

The Citroen Berlingo offers buyers a viable alternative to MPV motoring without the expensive price. The Berlingo provides a van based holdall that is well equipped and extremely versatile. The Berlingo has always made good sense, but now it offers even more for an even better price.

The car’s exterior design has received enhancements and the car has received some mechanical enhancements as well. The interior remains very much the same though.

The engine line is much the same as before but the engines have been repositioned. The car provides better braking and better crash safety has been designed in.

The car’s cabin sports a revised fascia that holds the car’s central information display. The car displays useful information in words (door open, low remote handset battery, etc), the problem is that for such a sophisticated system the car’s displays and controls are difficult to read in poor daylight.

The engines all work well and the best choice depends on the type of ride the buyer is seeking. The1.6 and 1.4 petrol versions focus on optimising steering response and cornering ability at little cost to the model’s ride absorbency. The latest 1.6 definitely pulls more smoothly from low revs, however, and the more powerful diesel option had its benefits and drawbacks as well.


The Berlingo is an affordable alternative to a full blown MPV. The car’s fuel economy is not the greatest, but the car’s low purchase price is very appealing and the car should deliver decent insurance rates as well.

The cabin provides good space. Legroom is somewhat limited for larger feet, but elbow and headroom is good. Space is more limited around the clutch, but average size passengers should find that cabin room is adequate.

The car’s controls and dials are straightforward and easy to use. The controls and displays are large and function well. Everything is logically located and easy to find, some displays are difficult to read in bright light.

The cabin provides decent levels of comfort with adjustable and supportive seats. Cabin space is good and should be adequate for most passengers. The front footwells can be a little crowded for passengers with larger feet. The Berlingo provides excellent levels of comfort.

The Berlingo provides good access. The doors provide easy access and egress to the car’s cabin. The car’s boot is a good size and the large boot aperture provides good access for easy loading and unloading.

Parking the Berlingo is not complicated. The car’s high drive position and all-round good visibility makes it a lot easier to park. The car’s large side mirrors help with rear visibility and the car’s steering is light at low speeds.

Life Style

The car delivers a comfortable ride, and wasn’t designed for performance. Care must be taken when selecting an engine. The petrol versions performed similar to the diesel option. This more powerful diesel’s extra weight makes the best of the revised suspension, giving an added measure of grip in both cornering and braking, with little firming up over the bumps and good steering. The diesel is disappointing as far as acceleration and fuel consumption are concerned.

This is an excellent family vehicle. The Citroen offers enough cabin space and seating to accommodate a family comfortably. The versatility on hand is ideal for family life and the car’s boot will adequately accommodate most family related items.

The Berlingo is an unlikely first car. It is too large and is not likely to appeal to most first time car buyers. There are more stylish and appealing first cars available.  

Although the French have never had the greatest reputation for craftsmanship things are changing. The Berlingo is reliable, and is well constructed. The quality of the materials used in the car’s cabin is decent and the selling price is excellent. The Berlingo provides good value for money.

Security and Safety

The car’s security features include an automatic self locking system and remote central locking as standard. There isn’t an alarm on offer but the Berlingo isn’t likely to be targeted by thieves either.

The car’s standard safety features include a revised frontal treatment and engine mounts, plus side airbag availability to enhance impact performance. Improved brakes also factor into the car’s overall safety kit.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a stereo that boasts good sound quality. The Berlingo does not come with much standard equipment, but the price provides good value for money and the standard audio unit is adequate.
The car is very attractive and conceals its bargain price well. The exterior design is more flattering in light colours and the interior’s budget origins are well concealed.


The Berlingo is an excellent alternative to MPV motoring. Despite the car’s low asking price it offers loads of practicality and versatility. The car has effectively concealed its low cost materials and the cabin materials do not seem too cheap.